lundi 19 décembre 2011

Clinic Party Amsterdam Awsomness !!

Yay back to some party report ! I have more than a year late now...
Anyway, today I will talk about the Amsterdam weekend I have because I really have to tell you how awsome it was, that I am still chilling just to think about it!

But First I have to thank my dear friend Nina who invited to Amsterdam, I won't forget it anytime soon :p

She gently catch me up to the airportand bring me to here lovely place !
We enjoy a little meal, and then we go for some play doll shooting :)

Anyway it nice to play, but the chores have to be dones !

Then after this nice play we had to prepare for the main event
So we change and finally go the Clinicparty, and we go to the kitchen, sorry I mean the Backstage. Now that I think about it, as a filly pony, I should not have been reassured to be in a kitchen... Maybe I have behave well enough!

Anyway we meet up with gorgeous people, as I was really finally happy to meet them all :  Like Mistress madieanna and Eric who were in charge of the pony circus  Soon we were in a large room with all the other performers who were in the Pony Play group. I met Katja Lynx and partner KKM once again after Montreal fetish week, Fury Fantasy and his incredible gear, Rosa and ShowDoll than I have always keen to meet as far he was my doll ideal for a while too, and many more!
I was also really glad to meet Anna Rose , she do make a splendid pony !

Anna Rose in her great HW-design outfit

Thanks For Eric Peculiardesir for all the fabulous pictures he made !
Anyway it was a great party and I really enjoy my stay in Amsterdam
I do hope to meet you all you guys :)

mercredi 14 décembre 2011

Ho my god i haven't state here that I am cover girl on Hotgirlmag !

Ho my G...
Time to do a little update
After all, I was asked for an interview on So I welcome you the visitor who have incidentaly click on the link to here :D

.So It would be nice to refresh my little blog there

But first one things i have to announce to! I have completely forget to tell here that I appear on a emag Hotgirls magasine

It is a great honour to be the covermag and to have my centerfold interview too.
Thanks a lot to T-vyrus our devoted editors!

Yes I know I have to write some word for the last Party in amsterdam, Paris, Bruxelles, Montreals, and so on... So up to now i will try to write a bit everyday
But not tonight...