lundi 22 novembre 2010

Pony TIme !

From none so long ago, I have done a lovely session discovery to a very dear friend of me. She wanted that I publish the pictures here :) 

I could make a long story about it, I could even tell how everything happen between us. Yes I could, but I won't. Because all is left to us it's just memory I cherish them so much now.

She wanted to experimented not a real submission but much closer to a bondage situation. Something like being attach and/or to be in my mercy.

Doesn't she look cute ?
Give me a hoove :)
What a proud pony, and I am a proud owner too :)
That was a lovely session, with a master who take a lot of care and love to his bright pony !

And of course for those curious about, the mask came from the wonderful wildgasmasks artist; Stego in the design and Kat for the painting hairbrush
Thank you so much both of you :)

The bridle adapted to this wonderful mask was done with lot of care by ponygirl shyanne, it is fitting so well :) 


jeudi 18 novembre 2010

Forced pleasure

For my first day visiting my friend gummipueppchen, I had to show her my last rubber suit I bought!
I am talking about the wonderful dollsuit from rubear. I was so pleased with myself like this and, yes my friend once again did something nasty to me. Well maybe my suit was too naugthy for her? 

Anyway, this is how it's end up...

Well my friend have a done a nice work with one of the pics. I just can't tell which one is the retouched one...

I really enjoy this suit :)

vendredi 12 novembre 2010

Forced publication

To be honest it s a long time I promised myself to do it. But I am someone who is affraid of a blank page. And my mind became blank also, when I enter in my doll space, the word cease be, theire no sound either. There is no meaning, no finality, only to be. It s has solely purpose to be, to feel and to see.

Because I am a lazy girl and naughty, I needed to be motivated to do this publication :0
For now I am attached in front of the computer. I cant get away:...
Well some of you wondering how the hell I get here?

Well I have been invited to see my deer friend gummipuechen for some day; We had already discussed about the fact I have no webpage. I just used to answerd that I had nothing so exciting to write about...Well she take the oportunity to make me create one: That was no fair, I have been catch off guard ! Now you have an helpless doll who have to create her site if she want to be released, eventually...