lundi 22 novembre 2010

Pony TIme !

From none so long ago, I have done a lovely session discovery to a very dear friend of me. She wanted that I publish the pictures here :) 

I could make a long story about it, I could even tell how everything happen between us. Yes I could, but I won't. Because all is left to us it's just memory I cherish them so much now.

She wanted to experimented not a real submission but much closer to a bondage situation. Something like being attach and/or to be in my mercy.

Doesn't she look cute ?
Give me a hoove :)
What a proud pony, and I am a proud owner too :)
That was a lovely session, with a master who take a lot of care and love to his bright pony !

And of course for those curious about, the mask came from the wonderful wildgasmasks artist; Stego in the design and Kat for the painting hairbrush
Thank you so much both of you :)

The bridle adapted to this wonderful mask was done with lot of care by ponygirl shyanne, it is fitting so well :) 


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