vendredi 12 novembre 2010

Forced publication

To be honest it s a long time I promised myself to do it. But I am someone who is affraid of a blank page. And my mind became blank also, when I enter in my doll space, the word cease be, theire no sound either. There is no meaning, no finality, only to be. It s has solely purpose to be, to feel and to see.

Because I am a lazy girl and naughty, I needed to be motivated to do this publication :0
For now I am attached in front of the computer. I cant get away:...
Well some of you wondering how the hell I get here?

Well I have been invited to see my deer friend gummipuechen for some day; We had already discussed about the fact I have no webpage. I just used to answerd that I had nothing so exciting to write about...Well she take the oportunity to make me create one: That was no fair, I have been catch off guard ! Now you have an helpless doll who have to create her site if she want to be released, eventually...

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